When you're waiting at baggage claim, you see all sorts of ribbons, flags, and stickers that are used to help travelers find their luggage amongst the ever growing pile on the conveyor belt. While preparing for a family vacation, my wife and I wanted to make a new set of luggage tags that stood out. Our friend, Ian from Roc City Laser, just received his Glowforge and a bunch of their Proofgrade materials. He offered to make us some tags out of their orange acrylic, so we quickly put something together.

We came up with a very simple, color swatch-like style. They're big enough to be noticeable (especially with the bright orange material), but small enough that they never got in our way.

I'm happy with how these came out, but if I ever did a second version I think rounding the corners a bit would be a nice touch that we didn't think about in the first run.

Luggage tags
Luggage tags stacked