A CMS Guide for Craft CMS.

Guide Content
  • CMS Guide in the CMS

    Cre­ate CMS guides for you clients that lives in in Craft’s CP. Store guides with your oth­er tem­plates files or in the database.

  • Open Source Guide Templates

    Craft Guide Tem­plates gives you a start­ing point with most of Craft’s basic fea­tures already explained.

  • User Guides

    Clients can col­lab­o­rate by edit­ing and adding their own thoughts to the CMS Guide (or don’t let them do this via permissions).

  • Content Guides

    Guides don’t have to live in the Guide CP sec­tion. Con­tent Guides pop up on entry edit pages so edi­tors don’t need to leave the page.

  • Welcome Widget

    A wid­get that can show a uni­ver­sal mes­sage to all edi­tors who add it to their Dashboard.

  • Admin’s Log

    Com­mu­ni­cate changes and updates to the web­site to con­tent edi­tors in a changel­og-like fashion.