Admin Bar

Front-end shortcuts for clients logged into Craft CMS.

Admin Bar Bar
  • Admin Bar

    A short­cut bar that helps you jump back to Craft’s Con­trol Pan­el, edit the cur­rent page, and sign out of the CMS.

  • Edit Links

    Link to edit pages for relat­ed entries.

  • Customizable Links

    Add cus­tom links in plu­g­in set­tings or a con­fig file.

  • Re-brandable

    Use CSS or pre­set CSS Cus­tom Vari­ables to match your website’s look and feel.

  • Permission Aware

    Change link vis­i­bil­i­ty based on per­mis­sion and admin status.

  • AJAX FriendlyBETA

    Load Admin Bar over AJAX for sta­t­ic cached web­sites or when using Craft as a head­less CMS.